Success 3 Book Bundle with Diana Todd-Banks (books & consultation)

The Success Secret – eBook Edition
Featuring Jack Canfield & Diana Todd-Banks

The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets For Successin Business and in Life.

Searching for the “Success Secret” that will take you in the next level – both personally and professionally?

Well, look no further than this book.

“This book contains an extraordinary amount of un-thought of great ideas! While I have not had a chance to read many of them yet, what I have read has given me several ideas about my own road to a more organized life! Jack Canfield has put together an absolutely amazing book with ideas for almost any problem a person could encounter while trying to become more successful. A MUST read for becoming more organized!”
-Betty J. B. Norton

Jack Canfield, American’s #1 Success Coach and co-creator of the legendary ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul” best-selling book series, has brought together today’s foremost thought leaders to reveal for the first time in print their own incredible success secrets.

Inside these pages, you’ll find the inspiration and motivation to move forward – as well as the proven action steps that attract abundance and bring fulfilment. These innovative experts deliver all that and more – because they have the spirit and skills to transform your life and help you create the wealth, health and happiness you’ve been waiting for.

In The Success Secret, Di shares ‘Beyond Life’s High Hurdles Lies Success,’ a true story of THE darkest 3 years of her life. She describes that time and how she overcame a serious and debilitating illness, where she couldn’t walk or speak for sometime, and what she did to be where she is today – helping others to deal with and move beyond their high hurdles so they too can achieve a new beginning.

Now Di helps people to build a bridge from their current reality to their exciting new future. This can bring about a shift in careers, relationships and life.

Over the years she has impacted thousands of peoples lives by providing actionable tips, tools, and techniques in everything she has done and now does. Everything she shares with you is based on 48 years experience working in 19 different careers, for 8 different companies in 3 different countries all of which, created 53 physical moves.

“Fantastic book. Buy it today! I love the author Jack Canfield and I had opportunity to read his other books which helped me a lot. I recommend this book for any person that wants to improve themselves and make changes. Most importantly, it teaches you to have more self-esteem and to follow great advices from winners.”
-Amazon Review

More from Di on ‘Beyond Life’s High Hurdles Lies Success’

15 years ago when I was unable to walk or talk properly or function effectively for 3 years, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think, even visualise I would one day be on the Hollywood stage; let alone be on the stage to receive a Best Selling Author’s award from the world’s highest selling non-fiction author ever, Jack Canfield.

It was an extraordinary moment for me, one I will always cherish. I wanted to cry, laugh, scream, dance so many emotions were swirling around in my mind. I was speechless then I babbled a bit. But I kept reminding myself of the pledge I made when I was in that tragic state which was, ‘if I ever recover, I would do something to help others deal with and move beyond their high hurdles so they too can achieve a new beginning. And I continue to be committed to that.

One key point I learned in those early frightening times was for my life to change I needed to change. Obviously my health needed to improve but I needed to work on the inside too, my mind, my thinking.

Overall my health and wellness evolution was going to be like peeling an onion layer by layer and dealing with what each new layer produced, then, removing another layer and so on. One thing was certain that process would continue for years, and it has … and still is, and it will continue. Everyone’s body and mind needs continual nourishment, and this is why I continue to explore and continually read pearls of wisdom like those following.

As a co-author in The Success Secret with Jack Canfield, I wrote about ‘Beyond Life’s High Hurdles Lies Success’ a true story of THE darkest 3 years of my life. I describe what I did to be where I am today helping others to deal with and move beyond their high hurdles, so they too can achieve a goal, even a new beginning.

Jack Canfield was inspiration to speak and the warmth that emanated from him was engulfing. As a co-author in the wildly successful Chicken Soup Series he continues to pen more profound books. The Chicken Soup series has now sold over 10 million books, but in total Jack has sold over 500 million books which is why it was such an honour to meet him and co-author a book with him.
I am grateful for your support and allowing me to share my insights and skills with you.

This is the moment to embrace the life-changing techniques and transformations tools revealed in this book. So start reading The Success Secret today – and build an awesome tomorrow!

Cracking the Success Code eBook Edition
with Brian Tracy & Diana Todd-Banks

The World’S Leading Experts Reveal Their Top Secrets to Help You Crack the Code for Optimum Health, Wealth & Success

How to Crack The Success Code is a task that humanity has reflected on from time immemorial. The sages and philosophers of every generation have pursued this question with unrelenting determination because everybody is looking for the answer – regardless of their field. So, who has the answer? Has this book found the “Silver Bullet?”

The answer to this eternal enigma may vary for each one of us according to our definition of success. However, in this book, these Celebrity Experts™ render their conclusions based on their proven experiences and core principles. Their answers are based on their firsthand knowledge versus academic hypotheses or philosophical assumptions.

“Different perspective of success. Each chapter has a different authors’ perspective of what it takes to crack the success code. Depending on your situation, there will be some insights that are relevant to your challenges and that will help you to become more successful.”
-Mark Phillips

So, if you decided to learn more about success and achievement in your world where would YOU look for the answers?

In Cracking The Success Code with Brian Tracy, Di Todd-Banks addresses something that lurked in her life for decades. Fear! Called ‘Fear is a Gift in Disguise,’ Di talks about the many different fears she experienced in her life: after a broken marriage, being left alone in Chicago to live in a ghetto area with no money; being terrified of a guy who threatened to kill her if she didn’t give him her company shares, and to other fears that popped up along the way.

The “nuggets of wisdom” that the Celebrity Experts™ in this book offer us to look show a world that is new and unfamiliar economic territory for us all. They have “been there and done it.” They provide practical answers to these questions. Brian Tracy, for example, looks at changes that the business world and culture have experienced over the past hundred years, and based on his knowledge and wide experience, projects how people will need to think and perform in the future to achieve success. This kind of visionary thought will enlighten and guide those who wish to achieve successful or outstanding accomplishments.

We are therefore left with the options of spending our lives trying to “reinvent the wheel” on our own, or we can use the proven experience of people like these Celebrity Experts™ to Crack The Success Code for us.

“Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton

“Great read for everyone! I enjoyed reading this book. It was great information for anyone, not just those involved in the business world. I especially enjoyed Ch 3 written by Genny Williams.”

More from Di on ‘Fear is a Gift in Disguise’

Fear can play havoc in our lives – it certainly did mine and when I decided to not let fear govern my life was when my life began changing. But never did I think it would change so much that without any fear I would walk on to the Hollywood stage to accept a Best Selling Authors Award. I did just that. It wasn’t a dream it was real. I got serious goose bumps.

In Cracking The Success Code, with the legendary best selling author and speaker Brian Tracy, I wrote about ‘Fear is a Gift in Disguise’ – a true story about the plethora of fears I had and what I did to deal with them.

Knowing that everyone has some form of fear may be a consolation but knowing how to deal with your fear and even better how to make the fear work for you is something that escapes many people.

Brian Tracy is a profound thought leader and is one of the first self-development authors I read when I could not walk or speak or function for 3 years. I needed help from another source and his view was and still is that no matter where you are in your life or in our world today, there have never before been more opportunities for people to achieve more in their lives.
Wealth and opportunities are contained in each of us.

In who we are and the way we think rather than the things we have acquired. In essence Brian suggests wealth is essentially mental and there is no limit on how much we can acquire.
Brian’s writing gave me some peace and strength and kept me going, as did this:

The biggest single factor in our life today is the element of change, which is constant. The choice each of us has is whether we’re going to be a master of change, or a victim of change. Given how my life had so dramatically changed downward I did not want to succumb to being a victim of change.

We all have choices.

We can remain where we are and complain or even do nothing, or we can find a way to move forward and that is exactly what I set out to do with my life and is why now I am so passionate about helping others move forward in their life.

I did what I set out to do and that is to have a new life that was my goal and when we achieve a goal we often find other unexpected joys and pleasures that become part of our reality. That’s certainly happened for me. It can happen for you too!

“This is timely information for a collaboration I’m involved with all the chapters are useful pertinent & chock full of good advice.”

In the Spirit of Success With Diana Todd-Banks

Do you want to make a change in your life?

Do you want to achieve more success?

If you answer a resounding YES… then this powerful book is for you.

‘In the Spirit of Success’ is a must read because it will inspire, empower and support you on your own personal transformation.

You’ll find inspiring stories from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, motivational leaders, success mentors and coaches as you discover how they triumphed over seemingly great challenges and have since achieved success beyond their wildest dreams.

Here are a just a few of the secrets you’ll discover…

How to live a life of excitement and fulfillment
Why Spirit only wants our success
How stepping into the unknown could change your life
How to find success by honouring your true self
Why giving can transform your life
How to open yourself to the gift of inspiration and success
How to make money doing what you love
…and much more!

Discover why the business leaders, teachers, speakers, mentors, coaches and trainers in this amazing book have appeared around the world on shows including Oprah, The Tonight Show, and Good Morning America as well as many other talk shows around the world.

Learn From World Renowned Speakers & Best Selling Authors

You’ll enjoy chapters from some of the world’s most renowned experts in the field of motivation and success thinking including Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Sandy Forster, and Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Imagine having more choices in your life to choose who you spend your time with, so you can become successful and achieve your dreams and goals?

If this is you then you have a couple of choices.

You can slave away; working even harder or you can discover what over 30 entrepreneurs already know. Powerful, uplifting stories that can literally inspire you into taking action towards living the dream life you always wanted.

That’s what In the Spirit of Success is all about – real life examples of inspiring entrepreneurs who realised they were not living their dream, so and they took the necessary steps to change that and make it happen. And you can too.

Get ready for an inspiring ride with over 30 diverse entrepreneurs from around the world, who share their personal, profound stories on what it took to rise to the top. Just imagine what reading their inspiring stories could do for you!
Can you afford NOT to read In The Spirit to Success?

Order today. As a thank you, you will receive information on how you can register for a complimentary Coaching Call, with one of the authors, Diana Todd-Banks, entrepreneur, Life Wellness Coach, speaker, and radio & TV host.

I know In the Spirit of Success will inspire, empower and motivate you to achieve your OWN success.

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